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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Please God, No!

Jindal VP Talk Continues
Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer had to be cut off today as he began what sounded like the full pitch for Sen. McCain to choose current Governor Bobby Jindal as his running mate.

“(McCain’s) vice president might be in this room today, his vice president might be a graduate of Baton Rouge High, his vice president might be the only guy I know who won an election for governor in the first primary-beating a lot of good candidates. He might be the only guy in America younger than my son-and I’m not that old-who is a great governor,” Roemer said as Jindal ran up on stage with a microphone.

“I thought I’d better rush up here before he gets me in any more trouble,” Jindal said, avoiding any more VP talk.

McCain also stuck closely to his traditional talking points when asked by a supporter about the possibility that he would choose the 37 year-old Gov for his number two, praising him instead as a member of the “next generation” of American leadership.

Later on during the town hall though, following an eloquent Jindal comment about the education system, McCain did leave us with this line: “I’ve got to take him everywhere with me.”
Please God, give Bobby Jindal the good sense not to hook his rising political star to John McCain. It could ruin his entire future, and it would make me rethink my support for Jindal. Take Romney instead.

I sent Governor Jindal an email urging him not to become John McCain's running mate. I urge you to do the same.
Dear Governor Jindal,

Please do not consider or accept any offer to be John McCain's VP running mate. You have a bright political future, and many of us are counting on you to restore the conservative movement. John McCain is part of a passing generation with nothing left to offer. Don't let yourself become part of that past. Look toward the future.
You can contact Bobby here.


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