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Friday, June 27, 2008

Political Correctness: It Will Be The Death Of Us

From Debbie Schlussel...

Which is True-- Weight Watchers No Longer Allowed to Target Fat People . . . Or Explosives-Sniffing Dogs No Longer Allowed to Go Near Muslims?

You guessed right! Muslims are using their religion to avoid security checks.
POLICE sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers - after complaints that it is against the suspects' religion.

A report for the Transport Department has raised the prospect that the animals should only touch passengers' luggage because it is considered "more acceptable".

In the Muslim faith, dogs are deemed to be spiritually "unclean". But banning them from touching passengers would severely restrict their ability to do their job.

The report follows trials of station security measures in the wake of the 2005 London suicide bomb attacks. In one trial, some female Muslims said the use of a body scanner was also unacceptable because it was tantamount to being forced to strip. [DS: How 'bout being forced to leave Britain?] . . .

The report concluded: "The use of sniffer dogs was generally problem­atic for Muslim respondents on rel­igious grounds if there was the potential for the dog to make direct contact with them." . . .

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Com­mission, said even dogs touching baggage would be an issue for a Muslim preparing to pray. But he stressed that it should be easy to allow dogs to check passengers without physical contact.

"There is a way of dealing with this and we just need to be sensitive," he said.
No bomb-sniffing dogs, no body scanners, no nothing. I guess we'll just politely ask them if they're carrying any weapons or explosives and trust anyone up to no good to just be honest and go home.

Now, I know that democracy, freedom, and open societies are new concepts for the "Religion of Peace" so here's a little tip for them: your freedom of religion ends at the ticket counter at the airport. Everyone's does. As for feeling like your culture isn't being "respected" - that's not part of the whole life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness package. Grow up.

As Debbie said: We've been waaaay too sensitive already to these people. Yet another example how Greater Barbaria demands the civilized West accommodate them and not the other way around. It'll be the death of us.


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