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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Get's The GOP Going This Election Year?

Here's a hint, if you're a conservative it isn't you. Via Rush Limbaugh:
RUSH: Yesterday morning on WLS in Chicago, the Don Wade & Roma Morning Show, our 50,000-watt blowtorch affiliate in Chicagoland, they talked to the chairman of the Republican National Committee Mike Duncan. And Don Wade said, "So, here we have the Rush Limbaugh problem. How are you going to get Rush Limbaugh on the Republican team?"

DUNCAN: Well, obviously we hope that everyone joins the team, and what I'm seeing right now is that nine out of ten Republican voters are rallying around John McCain. On the other side we're seeing, depending on the state, but in some states as many as a third of the Democrats say they won't vote for Barack Obama this fall. Overall, it's about 19% nationally. So we're doing a good job of bringing independents and Democrats over to the Republican side, and they're not doing a very good job of bringing Republicans to Barack Obama, because there's such a stark contrast. Do we want to go back to the 1960s failed ideas of higher taxes and bigger government and judges who legislate from the bench and not having a strong defense? I think the answer is no.

RUSH: Mike, Mike -- (laughing) -- would you calm down, Snerdley! Snerdley is blowing a gasket in there. He says here that nine out of ten Republicans are rallying around John McCain. That means, ladies and gentlemen, that I, because I was in the question, that means that I am one out of ten Republicans not joining John McCain so far. And that's okay. Don't need me and don't need those of you who also comprise the one out of ten who may not be enamored of Senator McCain. Then he goes on to talk about how proud they are they're getting Democrats, how excited the Republican National Committee is to be getting Democrat and independent votes, and Senator McCain is out there actively cultivating them, the Republican National Committee is telling us all here, thanks to Don Wade's question on WLS in Chicago, that they're happy to have these Republicans. And then he says at the end, "Do we want to go back to the 1960s failed ideas of higher taxes and bigger government and judges who legislate --" Mike, you're bringing in people that vote that way. (laughing) You're seeking the votes of Democrats who indeed want to go back to the sixties failed ideas of higher taxes.

These people that are joining McCain are not enamored of McCain. They are angry women fed up with the Democrat Party. They're not looking at McCain as their ideal candidate in terms of issues and ideas. They're joining McCain as a slap at the Democrat Party. This is what I feared. This is what I feared way, way back many, many moons ago -- a little Indian lingo there. I told you that the problem the Republican Party faces, if they're going to go out and recruit Democrats, they better recruit them as converted-to-Republican conservatives, as Reagan did. No, we're happy, we're ecstatic, we're going out there recruiting Democrats because the American people do not want higher taxes, bigger government, judges who legislate from the bench. Well, that's exactly whose votes the Republican National Committee seems to be honored to have.
That's right folks, the GOP insiders are EXCITED that Democrats and Independents are rallying around Sen. Juan "F--- You" McCain. They take conservatives completely for granted. It's not like we poor rubes have anywhere else to go right?

Unfortunately (fortunately? who knows these days?) they're correct about one thing, McCain is going to win. But real conservatives will have the last laugh when they GOP completes it's transition to McCainism and those same pundits that are welcoming the Democrats get put out of a job and a party with a maverick's knife in their backs. Hopefully McCainism will be short lived. I doubt it will go much beyond Juan's desire to get back at the party that humiliated him in 2000, and four to eight years of living out his "Teddy Roosevelt" fantasies. Then when it's all over and McCain retires on a Keatingesque pension fund there just may not be a place for the Mike Duncan's of the world in the reclaimed GOP or under the new conservative party's tent.

And I'll be there every step of the way to say "I told you so" and do my little "I was right dance." But I'll always be gracious and I even promise to help you take the knives out of your backs.


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