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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bob Barr Challenges Obama's Illegal Alien Healthcare Plan

Huh! How about that? A presidential candidate who actually disagrees with his opponents and draws distinctions between said opponent and himself! You know, actual campaigning!

Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr challenges Obama's plan to make you foot the bill for 12 million illegal aliens' healthcare costs:
“Neither Sen. Barack Obama nor Sen. John McCain wants to talk about immigration, but the system is broken,” says Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president. “Unfortunately, neither of them wants to take the tough steps necessary to secure America’s borders and institute a realistic policy to cut illegal immigration.”

An example of the problem is Sen. Obama’s oft-stated promise to “give health insurance to 47 million Americans who are now without coverage.” Of course, “Sen. Obama doesn’t plan on giving them coverage. He plans on making the taxpayers give them coverage. There’s a big difference,” notes Barr.

But there’s an even more fundamental issue. Approximately one-quarter of those persons who are uninsured are in America illegally. “It’s not fair to expect U.S. taxpayers to pay for health insurance for the citizens of another nation. America’s bloated welfare state is expensive enough, and even after recent reforms it still creates a disincentive to work. Handing out insurance to people who have come to America illegally will encourage even greater illegal immigration,” Barr explains. “And that, in turn, will push up government health care expenditures, creating a vicious cycle of more and more spending and more and more illegal immigration.”

“Instead of increasing the reward for violating the law and America’s borders, the federal government should move in the other direction. It must stop requiring hospital emergency rooms to provide free care for illegal aliens and the courts must stop forcing states to provide free schooling for the children of illegal aliens. This means changing the law and perhaps even the Constitution, but until we do so the government will continue to create a taxpayer-funded draw for illegal immigration,” says Barr.
Barr then lays out some common sense actions that need to be taken to deal with our illegal immigration problem:
  • Secure the border.
  • Adopt a constitutional amendment to ensure that the children of those here illegally do not automatically become citizens. (could we make it retroactive to people born in the Panama Canal Zone? - QC)
  • Emphasize economic productivity over family ties to bring in more highly skilled legal immigrants.
  • Stop paying people to come here illegally: no more free health care, no more free education, and certainly no free health insurance.
I'm glad someone besides Obama wants to win this election! I wonder what John McCain thinks... rather, I wonder what Juan Hernandez thinks John McCain should think about this issue?


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