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Monday, August 4, 2008


Camille Paglia On McCain:
He's done so much reaching, in fact, that it's a wonder he hasn't turned into that droopily taffy-armed Pixar Incredible character, Elastigirl. As a fan of talk radio, I've had an earful for years about McCain's political zigzagging and his indifference to bedrock principle. Some might see him as a pragmatic doer; others call him a narcissistic opportunist.

As a Democrat, I appreciate McCain's refusal to demonize his opponents. As a free-speech libertarian, however, I have questions about the disturbing curbs on political expression wrought by the McCain-Feingold bill. Does the "independent" McCain in fact have any coherent system of beliefs? Or is he just a fidgety nibbler, noodler, and hot-dogger without a powerful vision for the future? His erratic campaign thus far, with staff whizzing in and out, is hardly reassuring.


McCain is such a weak candidate -- so excruciatingly tone-deaf and deficient in basic skills of public speaking and deportment -- that the Democrats will have to screw up big to defeat themselves this fall.
Election 2008... A Lose-Lose Proposition.


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