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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You Can Put Lipstick On Democrat...

I think at this point I feel sorry for the Democrats.

Of course since this brouhaha has begun to blowing back on them like piss in the wind, the Democrats are loudly saying Obama just meant to use a common well known expression, after his VP made a similar reference, after Sarah Palin delivered the original line to great applause during her acceptance speech. Was this a big bad insult the GOP should go on and on about? No. Was it foolish on Obama's part? Hell yes, regardless of how it was intended.

My moderate to liberal gay friends from South Carolina to New York and Pennsylvania to Nevada are all expressing one feeling: they’re over Obama and disgusted with the stupidity and ugliness of the attacks on Sarah Palin. To quote my friend Mikey in Pennsylvania - “I shoulda voted for Hil.” My friend Anne in Mississippi - the very definition of liberal - said she’s embarrassed to say she’s a Democrat these days. My sister - who called me insane and stupid for voting for George Bush in 2004 is going to vote for McCain. They’re moving at light speed past having any excuse other than pure stupidity. Amateurish or bad judgment doesn’t cover it. I don't want to look a gift pig in the mouth, but I mean seriously, WTF?!


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