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Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Time To Drill


Everyday the media's telling me
How bad it is in the economy.
Or Hollywood talking about Global Warming-
Tryng to make us feel stupid, and guilty.
They insist that green technology
will reduce foreign oil dependency,
but they just said that we have a weak
Which means it will lack affordability.

There's something that we've got to do before we do that.
Something that will get our money back on track.
You want to go green? It's going to take green,
so get the black gold. Everybody sing.



You got us drilling holes in our pockets.


Instead of drilling holes in the ground.


You can see inflation sky rocket.


We can fix it if we drill here right now.


The more you buy into the ones who stop it.


The more money that you're going to bleed out.


It's time to get the keys, and unlock it.


We can fix it if we drill here right now.

They say it's going to take 10 years well,
They said that 10 years ago so,
Had we done it then we'd have the oil now,
litigation is the time they'll drag out.

Everyday I here this was a war for oil,
though we have our own underneathe American soil.

If that were really true, then why didn't you prevent the
war by stepping aside so we could get our own crude?

The only bloody hands would belong to the left.

Aptly named sinister, and taxin' us to death,

The ministers of victemization, who keep us in
a state of a dependency nation.


Music lyrics, and performed by
Alfonzo Rachel



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