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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Steyn On Biden

From a conversation between Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt:
Steyn: No, that’s simply the rules of the game. In a sense, Biden, my worry is this, that I think Biden’s gaffes are like Clinton’s women, that once you get to over a certain number, they don’t count anymore. And when you, the other problem, I think, is he’s such a parodically vain, glorious buffoon, this remark he made, quoted I think in the Boston Globe yesterday, that the minute Russian tanks rolled into Georgia, the president of Georgia was on the phone to him saying Joe, are you coming? You’ve got to come, Joe, like as if every country that gets invaded by the Russkies has to have Joe Biden on speed dial, who are you going to call. I mean, he’s such a parodically vain, glorious, self-aggrandizing buffoon that in an odd way, it may come over rather likeably. And I have a concern that those of us who think that Joe Biden is just an obvious laughing stock may be neglecting the fact that actually his likeability factor may be rather higher than we suspect.

Hewitt: I never thought Ted Baxter would do well in presidential politics, but evidently there’s a case for the Ted Baxter factor.

Steyn: Yeah, and I think there is a Ted Baxter element to it. And in fact, the great Ted Baxter joke, where he offers Mary Tyler Moore a complete autographed set of Winston Churchill’s History Of The English-Speaking Peoples, and Mary goes what, autographed by Churchill, and Ted Baxter goes no, Mary, autographed by me.
That about sums up Biden.


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