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Monday, October 13, 2008

William Kristol Has Got Some Nerve!

Writing this: McCain Needs To Fire His Campaign

Talk about your unmitigated gall! When I saw that news item this morning I almost choked on my coffee. This is the freakin' kind of sorry ass campaigning that Kristol has been touting for ages! I knew I was right when Rush agreed with me later:
What is it for the first time that actually excited people in the Republican Party about his campaign? It was the selection of Sarah Palin -- and then they hid her for a while. Now, what I hate to see about this... I am not gloating. What I hate to see about this is, this is the exact kind of thing -- this is the exact kind of campaign -- that those of us who had worries about Senator McCain a year ago, six months ago, nine months ago, eight years ago. This is exactly what we saw coming to fruition. But don't forget, there was and there is a battle in the Republican Party for its heart and soul. The country club blue-blood Republican media elites are trying to wrest control of the party from the conservative base that has made the party a dominant (and even landslide victorious) party since the 1980s.

So now exactly what you and I knew would happen, as was advocated by the original support of Senator McCain, now that it's happened they want to fire the campaign! These are the people ought to be so happy with the way this campaign is running, 'cause this is exactly what they wanted. This is the kind of campaign they wanted. They wanted somebody nice. They wanted somebody respectful. They wanted somebody with honor. They didn't want any negative ads. They didn't want any negative this or that. They didn't want any conservatism. They thought conservatism was a loser. They thought conservatism needed to be "redefined." They thought conservatism had worn itself out.

You and I know that conservatism will never go out of style because the fundamental and foundational building block of conservatism is liberty, individual liberty -- and in this country, individual liberty will never go out of style. Now, some of these 20% who think they're the smartest people in the room -- the so-called independent, moderates, undecideds, whatever you want to call them -- who get caught up in specious things to determine how they're going to vote. "Well, this guy sounds smart. He looks nice. He's suave," what have you. They have no idea what's in store for them. Forty percent of the country does have an idea what's in store for them. Our 40% says, "We don't want socialism." The other 40% does, and here are these 20% in the middle who are going to be stunned if they end up voting in a majority way for Obama.
As Rush points out, the Democrats think the race is over, and that could still work to our advantage. Over confidence is the Democrats' achilles heel, and they're already "measuring the drapes" as it were. Let's "hope" things "change" in the next three weeks and it bites them in the ass again.


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