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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Shall Overcome! Stomp On Your Face!

Phyllis Burgess learned first hand that the left's tolerance extends only so far as you agree with them. Go beyond that and you're open to being physically attacked:
The woman at the center of a disturbance that erupted on Friday at a protest against the gay marriage ban says she plans to press charges.

Phyllis Burgess alleges that she was assaulted as she carried a Styrofoam cross through the crowd at a No on Proposition 8 rally in front of Palm Springs City Hall.

As reported on mydesert.com, the 69-year-old Palm Springs resident originally declined to press charges when asked by police and joked that she felt lucky — that at least she didn't lose her wig in the tussle like Cloris Leachman did on “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I guess I didn't see the gravity of the whole thing and how it was being portrayed to the public,” Burgess said. “People are incensed. They seem to want some kind of justice.”

What was planned as a peaceful candlelight service took a hostile turn when the crowd began pushing and a cross was torn from Burgess' arms. The cross ended up in pieces on the ground.

The crowd chanted, “Go home!” “Nazi!” and “Shame on you!” as organizers pleaded with the crowd to ignore the woman. About 500 protesters attended the event, the largest in the county since 52 percent of voters approved Proposition 8, an amendment that banned same-sex marriage.
Don't you just love the lost irony? They were calling her a "Nazi" while they behaved like... well... Nazis. What part of "peaceably to assemble" don't they get? Here's the video:

Yes that's right. The gays aren't going to be bullied by ferocious little old Christian women anymore! Take that you elderly thug! It didn't end there either. When a reporter tried to interview Ms. Burgess later the same queens who attacked her earlier gave a repeat performance and they both had to flee for safety:

Oh those courageous homos! Stomping on crosses for equal rights! What also gets my dander up is that I know that 99.9% of the people protesting didn't take advantage of the right to marry and have no intention of doing so even if Prop 8 is overturned; including that charming gentleman in the white shirt. Here's a hint, a black shirt would be more slimming.

Now don't get me wrong, this is a contentious issue. After all, we're talking about changes to millennia of cultural tradition. I disagree with Ms. Burgess. I think think that people who want to get married should be able too; it's a matter of equal rights plain and simple. Personally I think the whole argument boils down to semantics, i.e. the word "marriage." Well fine, don't call it marriage. Exempt religious institutions from having to recognize it. As long as the rights, privileges, and duties are the same I don't care if we call it Blueberry Sherbet.

I wonder if Joe.My.God will share the outrage? No, no, of course not. He only gets his tits in a twist if someone says
boo! to a gehy. Oh and circuit parties; he gets them twisted at circuit parties too.

The people responsible for this insanity do not speak for me, and the rest of you have my sincere apologies for my fellow gays' stupidity.


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