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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What She Said...

I'm reprinting Kathy Shaidle's post on Obama's victory in full here, because she's (mostly) right... For the next for years the "Shining City on a Hill" is going to be dimmed to near invisibility. But... I do not agree that America is over, the light may flicker, but it will never go out.
As I write this, FOX News has called Ohio for Obama, which means that -- in spite of the 50/50 popular vote -- Obama wins the Electoral College vote. The only positive consequence of an Obama presidency -- and this is probably just wishful thinking on my part -- is we'll FINALLY stop hearing about slavery every five minutes.

It'll now be more like every ten minutes.

McCain bent over backwards to accomodate Mexicans and they voted for Obama, because his skin is brown. So did the usual guilty white liberals and secular Jews, who also voted for Obama based solely on his skin colour.

Which is what used to be called "racist", until the word came to mean its exact opposite, just like every other word that's been put through the leftwing lexicon laundry.

America has chosen as its leader an unaccomplished, spoiled, cowardly, shallow narcissist who wouldn't last five minutes under torture, let alone five years, and who associates with radical freaks and weirdos. He supports partial birth abortion, and wants to make you pay for it, too.

But since that's an excellent description of millions of other Americans,

America has chosen a false "peace" over principle. Well over half the country is clearly shallow and superficial, too, ready to sell their birthright for "free" "health" "care" and other socialist treats. They want a slick, symbolic President, not a real leader, because a real leader clearly makes them feel inadequate.

McCain's campaign against Obama's socialism didn't work because millions of Americans clearly WANT socialism. Or think they do.

Once again, hardworking Americans will be ordered to "share" their hard earned money with the lazy, the criminal and the stupid.

The hippies won the Culture War without firing too many shots (yet). The long march through the institutions is now complete. These radical leftists were aided and abetted by cocktail party "conservatives" -- who are basically just liberals in bowties.

An Obama presidency will be the final moments of Easy Rider -- in reverse. Forever. The patriots have been defeated by the parasites.
So you go right ahead and "wish Obama well" and say all that "he's my president" stuff. The other side didn't act that way for eight years. The other side won. And I don't have to live there anyway. Alas, those of us looking to America as our last best hope now have to face the fact that there is now nowhere left to run to. America: it was nice while it lasted.
As Mark Steyn just said on Hewitt: America is now a country where Barack Obama live in the same neighborhood as Louis Farakhan and Bill Ayers and be considered perfectly respectable -- but Sarah Palin?! She's that crazy weirdo!! too, I suppose we shouldn't be shocked.
But Mark Steyn also says: "We should have the fight about conservatism's future vigorously and openly — perhaps at Bud's Roadhouse out on Route 137 in lieu of All-Girl Mud-Wrestling Night." And I say absolutely! We need to stand up and yell, and scream, and make sure Mr. Obama doesn't have a cushy four years. We need to be ready to give him a bloody nose in 2010 by improving Congress with the absence of a few Democrats, and then seeing him gracefully off into the history books in 2012.


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