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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brave Gays Target Elderly Woman

Restaurant Manager To Leave El Coyote Over Prop. 8 Controversy
Frontiers magazine learned Saturday Marjorie Christoffersen is stepping down as a manager at the Los Angeles restaurant El Coyote. Bill Schoeppner, a fellow manager at El Coyote who has been with the restaurant for 26 years, told Frontiers Christoffersen was also resigning as a member of El Coyote's board of directors.

“She no longer works here,” Schoeppner said on Saturday. “She just told me tonight.”

Christoffersen created a firestorm of controversy for the 77-year-old L.A. institution after local blogs broke the news she had donated $100 to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign. Long a popular destination for the LGBT community for its cheap Mexican food and generous Margaritas, El Coyote found itself the target of boycotts and demonstrations after Christoffersen's donation went public. In a press conference hosted by the restaurant days after the news of the donation broke, Christoffersen tried to explain her donation did not have to do with animus for gay and lesbian people, but was instead tied to her Mormon faith.
I'm so proud of my brave fellow gays for bringing down Marjorie Christoffersen - that elderly pillar of homophobia. Way to go boys and girls! Putting a senior citizen out of work who donated $100 to support Prop 8 because of her religious beliefs should get us the right to marry quicker than a drag queen's snap.

Note to liberals... everything above was sarcasm.

As someone who would like to see the same legal benefits and duties of marriage extended to gays and lesbians I would like to kindly ask you to sit down and shut up if the only way you know to protest is by harassment and bullying.

Boycotting a business or event is an acceptable way to make your feelings known. Targeting individuals in the same hateful manner in which you claim to have been targeted is not.

Via NRO: Marjorie Christofferson's Courage
Marjorie is just one of 89 people who work for El Coyote. No matter. El Coyote welcomes gay employees and customers, and did so long before that was cool. No matter. El Coyote has just sent $10,000 to gay organizations to atone for Marjorie’s sins. No matter. Marjorie has many gay friends whom she has helped over the years. "When one of the guys died from AIDS, Marjorie paid for his mother to fly out for his funeral," noted one restaurant patron. That doesn’t matter either. [...]

You can see for yourself what kind of person Marjorie Christofferson is at a meeting with GLBT leaders on YouTube here. [...]

In the end, shaking and tearful, she expressed regret for the pain she had caused, but Marjorie also said, " I cannot change a lifetime of faith in which I believe in very deeply. I cannot and will not, no matter what, change my love and respect for you and your views."

Not good enough. [...]

I'm sure many ordinary gay-marriage supporters deplore what happened to Marjorie. But this is now the face of their movement: agree with us, or we will hurt you.
I am appalled at the way Marjorie has been treated. Again, I find myself compelled to apologize for the childish, brutish, and irresponsible actions of far too many of my fellow gay and lesbian citizens. And the thing that really hacks me off about this, is that 99.9% of the spoiled, self-centered American gays who are treating Prop. 8 like their own personal pogrom have never known one day of true discrimination or hardship in their lives.


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