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Monday, February 2, 2009

Dash Dachle's Hopes?

Hugh Hewitt says no:
My two cents on the latest confirmation dance is sure to disappoint my most partisan listeners: Tom Daschle should be confirmed quickly because (1) his biggest error it looks to me to be the sort of error that a former senior elected official used to riding around in government cars could easily make, while the others look like the screw-ups that a suddenly wealthy former senator could easily make, (2) he wouldn't have endangered his political career and ambitions for this amount of money given the huge income he had coming in, and (3) we absolutely have to fix the confirmation mess or more and more people will flee public service at the highest levels. Partisans tell me that giving passes to Secretary Geithner and now Daschle will never matter down the road when future GOP nominees run into trouble. Perhaps not. But a double dose of restraint when presented with the opportunity to slice and dice a nominee make the GOP's policy objections much more potent, and no matter how much you disagree with him --and I worked pretty hard for John Thune, twice, because I disagreed with Daschle a lot-- he is a good man and a smart one, and I'd rather have a center-left pro running DHS who will at least be open to the arguments of the big medical groups/hospitals/insurers than an ideologue from the university world.
I disagree. The less we expect from "wealthy" politicians who've gotten "used" to riding around in government cars, the less we get. We've already got a head of the IRS who willfully - sorry, "forgot" - to pay his taxes. What else are we prepared to put up with?


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