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Friday, September 25, 2009

I had a really weird dream... Discuss amongst your selves...

The Dream:
I dreamed I was holding a singularity (a black hole). It was like a soft Styrofoam and felt sticky. I could drop things into it and watch them be consumed but, if I concentrated, I could also put it down on a surface without it sinking or consuming the thing it was on. It also didn't consume me. It definitely got heavier quickly, but barely grew in size and slowly at that. It started about the size of tennis ball and by the time I woke it was about the size of small dodge ball. It all took place in a house I never lived in (a family friend's) but that I had good memories of. The dream had an unusual quality - I wasn't quite aware I was dreaming but I was in full control of what was happening. I could think "let me try this" or "let me go here" and I could. It didn't have the heavy lethargic feeling of most dreams.

The items dropped in were eclectic - a pen, a globe, a golf ball, a computer monitor, medicine bottles, a full soda can, stuffed toys, pieces of paper, paper clips, paper towels, I even held it under running water. I was curious about what was happening but also slightly afraid I would lose control of the object.

My grandfather was in the dream and would periodically walk through from one room to another. He didn't interact unless I spoke with him until right before I woke up. He knocked on a door and asked me what I was doing. I put down the singularity and turned around to talk to him. He left and when I went to pick up the object, it was gone. It had sunk into the floor. I tried to get it back and while I could get a grip on it if I tried to pull it back it slipped through my fingers and sank again.
Discuss amongst yourselves.


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