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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

20 Years On And Some Communists Are Still Bitter...

East Germans lost much in 1989 ~ by Bruni de la Motte

Yes they did Bruni… they lost repression, the Stasi, and Soviet domination. You’re welcome.

Freedom and liberty be damned; having been a “more equal” pig, Bruni insists on lamenting the loss of all the goodness she enjoyed under the autocratic, repressive, and murderous GDR dictatorship. She even enjoyed a life free of “existential fears” guaranteed by the generous hand of the State. Wow!

I’d say the people in the photos below disagree that there was no fear for one’s life in Bruni's Holy & Beneficent GDR. I looked for photos of people dashing through minefields & snipers or climbing up to roofs & fourth floor windows to get into East Berlin but I couldn’t find any. Something that Bruni left out of her article? She too got the hell out of the GDR. Of course she left for love (she met and married a Brit) not principle so that’s different.

A defecting East German soldier, Conrad Schuman, leaps over a barbed wire barricade into West Berlin on August 15, 1961.

West Berlin police hold back crowds of Germans coming from East Berlin for food and clothing in 1953.

Peter Fechter was one of the first victims of the Berlin Wall. He famously bled to death in the so-called 'death strip' after being shot by border guards on August 17, 1962.


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