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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The HELL You Say?!

The Father (of the Flight 253 Bomber) Is a Leader Of Sharia Movement In Nigeria
Dr. Mutallab the father of the terrorist was just covering his ass because he does not want to loose his investment in the Westen World and he does not want his family to be place on the no fly list as he wants to still enjoy his vacation and western women and western wine and drinks in Engalnd, Europe and America while still using extremism and corruption to maintain their corrupt hold in Nigeria by stealing from their people, thats thats why he reported his son to America, because he and most of the Muslim leaders in Nigeria knows more and they are part of the sponsors of world wide jihadism wahabism from Saudi Arabia, Sudan,Dubai, Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan etc.
Why am I not one bit surprised?


Shawmut 1/10/2010 04:07:00 PM  

This guy reminds me of Ole Joe, The bootlegging ambassador, Kennedy, who offered J. Edgar Hoover, "the largest financial contributiion" if Hoover ran for president in 1948.
If not pragmatic, he's mercenary enough to know there's little he can do. Nigeria breeds every 'crime style' running today.
Hell, the kid was only living to "dreams of (his) Father".
Always good to have the shreds of a martyr hanging off your Islamic Family Tree.
Wait until the defense begins; the brat will be the scion of a dysfunctional family, is bi-tri-(multiple) polar, and suffers ADHD - - not to mention ZYX.
Funny, Nigeria will get our bucks, but those who compromised a dictatorial pregancy in Honduras will have to wait until...Hmmn, we still don't know about that.
But as the Luau Loon in his words couldn't wait to cite there was poverty involved in Yemen.
Duh? The kid came from Nigerian wealth. And, by the way, the wealth in Nigeria (as in Kenya) is not shred.

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