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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Update on the murder of Theo Van Gogh

Hmmm...somehow life in prison without parole just doesn't seem satisfying. I say if this bastard is so hell bent on obeying Islamic Law that we punish him accordingly. According to knowislam.info, under Sharia Law he committed a Hud crime which is the most severe type:

Hud crimes are the most serious under Islamic Law, and Tazir crimes are the least serious. Hud crimes are punishable by a pre-established penalty found in the Quran. They are referenced in the Quran to a specific act and a specific punishment for that act. There is no plea-bargaining or reducing the punishment for a Hud crime. There are no minimum or maximum punishments attached to them. If you commit a crime, you know what your punishment will be. There is no flexibility in the punishment for Hud crimes in Islamic law, no judge can change or reduce the punishment. The Hud crimes are:

• Apostasy
- making war upon Allah and his messengers;
• Theft;
• Adultery, fornication or sodomy;
• Defamation - false accusation of adultery or fornication;
• Robbery;
• Alcohol-consumption.

The first four Hud crimes have a specific punishment in the Quran. The last three crimes are mentioned but no specific punishment is found. The Hud punishment for apostasy and for murder is the death penalty. The Hud punishment prescribed by the Quran for adultery, fornication and sodomy is 100 lashings, and some nations take it a step further and apply the death penalty. For a theft the punishment is amputation of the thief’s hand. If a state will not apply the Hud punishment, individual Muslims feel it is a divine duty to carry it out.

Barbaric? Yes. Just? Yes. Satisfying? Absolutely. Fight fire with fire, right?


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