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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Natalee Holloway and the Incompetent Island

Okay - I've not said anything about Natalee Holloway and Aruba. Enough is enough. I believe that Aruban authorities are incompetent, corrupt or both. Let me walk you through it:

1) The Aruban authorities did some stupid things:

A) They arrested 2 security guards based on the statements of the three original suspects, then let the original suspects go. Huh? How about continuing to hold and question all of them?

B) By releasing the three original suspects, they gave Joran and Paul Vandersloot and the Kalpoe brothers all the time they needed to destroy evidence and probably hide or dispose of the body. Why didn't they at least keep all of the suspects under close surveillance? Sheesh, even I would have done that and all I know about police work is what I see on Crossing Jordan and CSI.

D) It was days after the investigation started before they did any forensic investigation.

C) By releasing the three original suspects they gave them time to coordinate their stories making it harder to interrogate them and find the truth.

2) Joran had already made up a story to tell police less than 24 hours after Natalee disappeared and before he was even a suspect. Part of his story involved Natalee tripping and falling. Hmmm, does that sound like he's trying to explain blunt force trauma to the head?

3) I believe that it is obvious that Paul Vandersloot knows far more than he is saying. By his own admission he told Joran "no body, no case" or words to that effect. WTF? Is that what you'd say to your child who is suspected of murder? And he was sweating so hard during Greta Van Susteren's interview I thought he was going to turn into a puddle of water. He wouldn't look at the camera, or his wife, or Greta and he was fidgeting like a virgin at a prison rodeo.

4) Paul Vandersloot, an officer of the court, was allowed to meet with Joran while he was in custody being interrogated. No conflict of interest there!

5) Joran's and the Kalpoe's stories have reportedly changed so many times you'd need flash cards to keep up. We dropped her off at the Holiday Inn, we left her on the beach, we had sex with her, we didn't have sex with her, everyone but me had sex with her, the security guards escorted her to the hotel, blah blah blah.

6) The Aruban authorities are keeping a tight lid on information because they are more concerned with their image and Aruban tourism than they are with justice. They know far more than they will ever say. If I hear Reuben Trapenberg, the Aruban government spokesman, say "according to Aruban law..." one more time I'll scream.

Here's what I think happened. Joran, Deepak, and Salish met Natalee the night before she left. One or all of them wanted to get busy with her. She rejected one or all of them. She ended up GHB'd into Neverland and got gang banged on the beach. At some point during or right after the rape she became very ill or died, probably from an overdose of GHB or another drug. Or perhaps she was still resisting and they beat her. At some point after the rape Natalee was at the Vandersloot house. The boys probably took her there when they realized she was very ill from the drugs/beating. While at the Vandersloot's, she died. Paul Vandersloot, possibly with help, disposed of the body. My bet is the body was dumped overboard way out to sea from the party boat that Steve Croes worked on. Daddy Vandersloot then advised the boys how to deal with interrogation and perhaps helped concoct the lie implicating the security guards. Then the general incompetence, and probable corruption, of the Aruban authorities helped obfuscate the evidence and the facts to such a point we will probably never know the truth and there will never be justice for Natalee. Mark my words, Deepak and Salish are going to quietly disappear in the next few months and turn up working at the 7-Eleven owned by cousin Patel in a quiet little country with no extradition treaty with Aruba or the USA.

Riehl World View has a good round-up of information on the case.


Anonymous 8/30/2005 11:51:00 PM  

I completely AGREE with every one of your observations. Would you be interested in posting on another discussion board? This is the link.........http://theinterrogationroom.org/crime/index.php?PHPSESSID=f4e534ce45d597675034f49c650e9740&

Most of the members on this forum are of the same mind. They have lost sight of the victim and think Joran is innocent because there is no evidence.
It would be nice to have someone that shares my opinion as you have stated on the forum as I am actually the only one that see it like it is.

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