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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

LA Times: Despite Illegal Status, Buyers Get Home Loans

Whatever legal loopholes allow this kind of bullshit need to be closed up. We need to change the laws in the United States so that only citizens and legal residents can own property. Tax Identification Numbers should be immediately changed to include a letter so that they can no longer be used by individuals as fake social security numbers.

It is outrageous that these criminals come into this country illegally, with no intention of staying here or becoming Americans, and are allowed to go about their business as if they have done nothing wrong. They come here to leech off of a country that actually has a productive economy, because they are unwilling to work to make their own country self sufficient. Catherine Seipp of The National Review spoke of an article in the Wall Street Journal that reminds us why these people are risking life and limb to live illegally in the USA.

The Wall Street Journal had an excellent article last month that was a useful reminder of why we have an illegal-immigration problem: Mexican society continues to be remarkably regressive and unfair; the rich own practically everything, and the poor practically nothing, with little hope of rising to the middle class — which basically doesn't exist there anyway. The typical L.A. busboy or cleaning lady is about ten times better off than the typical Mexican peasant. I can’t blame hardworking people for wanting to come here and escape miserable circumstances.

They strain our schools and emergency medical care systems to the breaking point. They keep wages artifically low stealing jobs from American citizens and legal residents. They commit horrible crimes in the USA and flee back to the safety of a corrupt country that refuses to extradite them. It is unacceptable that they are allowed to reap the benefits of life in the United States. When will we wake up to this invasion.


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