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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again

The islamofascist monsters have no regard for any life. There religion is a cult that only understands death and destruction. The innocent, whether they be mentally handicapped, a small child, or an animal are only pawns to be used to further their culture of death. We need to destroy them at any cost.

The cartoon translates as follows: In an editorial cartoon, an insurgent tries to persuade a dog to don a belt bomb to aid the Baath Party. The caption reads: "Oh, my comrade! My brother! You the crown on my head! It is such a simple task! All you have to do is to put on this explosive belt, repeat the party's slogans, and may Allah have mercy on your father's soul!" (Al Mada)


bp 8/10/2005 01:37:00 PM  

I'm sure the irony is lost on you... in your own post, you call their religion a culture of death, and yet "We need to destroy them at any cost." I guess two cultures of death is better than one, now?

But, you've probably lost track of the numbers. I doubt you're paying attention to the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of innocents we've killed in Iraq already (that link's just representative, feel free to just google around appropriately.) Those are just the deaths. What about all of the emotionally damaged people we've created through this campaign?

How, exactly, do we convince the fringe of them bent on death and destruction that it isn't worth their time, when we're killing 100x or more of them for each of us they kill, in a war *we* started?

The problem with terrorism is that an "opponent" (I use the term loosly) can enact as much damage for a tiny fraction of the cost. If we continue to attack them, are we willing to spend 1000x as much to accomplish ... what? Killing off all the Muslims of the world? Is that even an *improvement*?

I shudder to think at how many people out there share your outrage, while simultaneously sharing your lack of ability to contemplate the consequences of the actions you promote. The only difference between the terrorists/insurgents/folks you'd like to have killed and you is that you're part of the more powerful side, and, thus, you plot their deaths openly.

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