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Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Here are some wonderful examples of the the "Religion of Peace Pieces" in action:

Man beheaded on eve of Ramadan in south Thailand: Hey, what's Ramadan without the beheading of an Infidel? It would be like Christmas without tinsel, or Hanukkah without candles.

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Suspected Muslim militants beheaded a villager in southern Thailand on the eve of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, police said on Wednesday.

Militants also raided an outpost, wounding five soldiers and escaping with five guns, according to an army radio message monitored by Reuters.

The attackers cut trees to block the road and placed spikes to prevent counter-attacks by soldiers, the radio said.

The head and torso of the man, thought to be in his 50s, were dumped in two fertiliser bags beside a road in a rubber plantation in Yala, one of the three southernmost provinces hit by the violence in which more than 900 people have died.

Shi'ite mosque bombed in Iraq on first day of Ramadan: Sing along! On the first day of Ramadan the Sunnis gave to me, a bomb hidden at a Shi'ite Mosque. Well, at least they kill each other too. However they die, a dead Islamofascist is a good Islamofascist.

A bomb exploded at the entrance of a Shi'ite Muslim mosque south of Baghdad on Wednesday as worshippers gathered for prayers ahead of the breaking of the fast on the first day of Ramadan, killing at least 13 people and wounding 40, police and hospital officials said.

The explosion hit the Ibn al-Nama mosque in Hillah, a Shi'ite town that has been the scene of frequent deadly insurgent attacks.

When the blast hit just before 6pm, the faithful had come to the Ibn al-Nama mosque for prayers before returning home to eat the meal that ends the day's sunrise to sunset fast, Ali said.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq, one of the country's deadliest militant groups, has called for stepped-up attacks during Ramadan -- and it previously declared an all-out war on Iraq's Shi'ites. The Hillah bombing was the latest in a string of attacks by Sunni-led insurgents that have targeted Shi'ite Muslims.

"Islam can't be ruled by others. Allah's law must stand above human law. There is no [example] of Islam and infidels, the right and the wrong, living together in peace": Look you stupid Infidels, how many homicide bombings and beheadings does it take to get through your thick western skulls! Just surrender and do it our way already.

SA: So this fight will never end?

ABB: Never. This fight is compulsory. Muslims who don't hate America sin. What I mean by America is George Bush's regime. There is no iman [belief] if one doesn't hate America.

SA: How can the American regime and its policies change?

ABB: We'll see. As long as there is no intention to fight us and Islam continues to grow there can be peace. This is the doctrine of Islam. Islam can't be ruled by others. Allah's law must stand above human law. There is no [example] of Islam and infidels, the right and the wrong, living together in peace.


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