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Monday, November 14, 2005


A story from Illinois about Muslim students' refusal to accept criticism of their religion or culture. [ed. note: Is there really a difference?] An artist at Harper College in Palatine, IL has had his exhibit closed down. Apparently it upset some wittle iswamic feewings. Remember, the Muslims don't care if you exercise your freedom of speech as long as they approve of it first.

College officials say they pulled the exhibit because they "were opposed to the nudity in the art display..." Oh my god! Now that's a story, a college official opposed to nudity in art!

The artist, Amir Normandi, said the art symbolizes the prison that many Muslim women live in. "The goal is to show the individuality. To show self-determination for women, which is desired in Islamic society," Normandi said. "It's a matter of freedom of speech and artists' expression. That is a black eye to First Amendment rights." I'm going with the artist on this one. I see no reason to have pulled this exhibit. If the Muslims don't like it, then let them put up their own exhibit explaining why they disagree. Don't let them off the hook by just giving in to their demands without making them explain themselves.

College Pulls Controversial Muslim Art Exhibit

A college in Illinois pulled a photo exhibit featuring Muslim women after some on campus complained that it unfairly portrayed Islam and hurt the feeling of Muslims on campus, according to

The display of photos at Harper College in Palatine by Amir Normandi, himself a Muslim, featured images of women in traditional clothing, but with a twist — prison bars instead of a hijab, for example. Normandi said he wanted to make a statement about the conditions under which Muslim women live.

Muslim students on campus complained, however, and school officials removed the exhibit. "I felt awkward when people were asking me, 'Oh, is this how you treat your wife? Is this how you treat your sisters and mother?'" said Asad Kahn, the president of Muslim Student Association.

"If we're walking around and if people are looking at us and kind of looking at us suspiciously like is this what Muslim women are like? Are they oppressed? That directly offends us," said one student, Sada Ahmend.
You know Asad, that's a damn good question. Is that how your treat your "women?" Instead of hiding behind a pretense of offended sensibility, just answer the question. That's called "a discussion" in the free world. As for Sada Ahmend being "offended," she just doesn't get it. Sometimes, dear, the exercise of free speech is offensive. You either need to exercise your right of free speech to tell why you think it's wrong, or you just shut and take it. You don't have a right to stifle someone else's speech, and you don't have a right to not be offended, you dumb bitch.

[Hat Tip: Fox News Tongue Tied]


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