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Wednesday, November 9, 2005


I was wondering when we'd hear from Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the conservative National Front Party. Well he's speaking up and he's not holding back. Oooo, I just know I'll catch hell for this, but here it goes: I think he makes a lot of sense.

From the Associated Press:
Far-Right Leader: Riots Only The Start

French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen claimed Wednesday his National Front party has been "submerged" with prospective members and supportive e-mail since rioting erupted in heavily immigrant communities near Paris.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Le Pen described the recent violence as "just the start" of conflicts caused by "massive immigration from countries of the Third World that is threatening not just France but the whole continent."

Le Pen said people with immigrant backgrounds who commit crimes should be stripped of their French nationality and sent "back to their country of origin."

Reminded that the vast majority of youths taking part in the arson and rioting are French, born in France to immigrant parents, he said: "What does that mean? Are they French because they have a French identity card?"

French nationality should be given only to those who ask for it and "who are worthy of it," he said. "Those who got nationality automatically, who don't consider themselves French and who even say publicly that they consider France their enemy should not be treated as French."

Le Pen said he is convinced that what he described as a surge in support for his "zero immigration" platform would translate into votes at the ballot box for his national Front party.

French voters "are saying to themselves 'Le Pen was right. We were told that Le Pen is an extremist because he said that immigration problems would lead to disorder. The facts have shown that he was right,'" he said.

"We are receiving thousands of new members, tens of thousands of e-mails. All of our offices are submerged, we don't know how to respond because we don't have the staff to reply to the wave of people who, 95 percent of them, salute and approve our positions," he added.

Le Pen gave no specifics on the number of new members, but the party's top official for new memberships said the figure was closer to 1,000 and that they were requests to join.

Le Pen stunned many in France and shocked Europe by making it through to the second round of the last presidential elections in 2002. But he was soundly defeated in a runoff against President Jacques Chirac.

Le Pen said he is "more than ever" determined to run again in 2007.

"If there were presidential elections now, my chances would be increased tenfold," he said.
Now he's probably exaggerating about the number in inquiries he's getting, but I bet interest is up. There's Nothing like have your new Peugot burned to make you question your politics!


bhoygary 11/09/2005 05:58:00 PM  

ok i told you i am open to debate but I reserve debate to those with enough brains to be called human. Being conservative is something, being an unforgivable xenophobic cunt is another.

The fact is I'm one of those folks whose parents where born abroad. And i call myself French because there's more to being french than blood, like i think there's more to being American than being born there. We were born in countries attractive enough in terms of way of life, in terms of liberties, to attract people from around the world. Ever heard of Emma Lazarus? that's America to me. You and your ideas are not.

Among other things your new pal Jean-Marie Le Pen called WWII extermination camps a "detail of history". Now, my boyfriend is Jewish and my grand father fought for the idea that Jews were not to die for simply being born. You told me your grand father fought in that war too. Let me tell you your comments here are a disgrace to his name.

There are things that are not open to debate. Among those things is the dignity of the human race. Those who contest this dignity to anyone in any circumstances are not human and i don't chat up with dogs...

PS: Peugeot is the right way to spell it

Kevin 11/09/2005 07:20:00 PM  

All I said was he makes sense. One must protect ones culture, especially when its under attack. And I think you're right - we don't need to talk. You're way to touchy to debate with.

Oh, and thanks for the spelling correction, I didn't think I had it right.

prismwarden 11/09/2005 09:24:00 PM  

Hrm, Gary's remarks were long, rambling, emotional, tangential intended to shut down debate, uninformed . . .

Yep. He's French.

Kevin 11/11/2005 06:31:00 PM  

Apparently I really, REALLY Le Pissed Off Le French Guy: bhoy gary

Apesnake 11/12/2005 02:01:00 AM  

Le Pen said people with immigrant backgrounds who commit crimes should be stripped of their French nationality and sent "back to their country of origin."

Out of curiosity, How can he send someone back to their country of origin when they are living in the country which they were born in? How much of an "immigrant background" do you have to have before vandalism becomes an crime worthy of exile? Would it not be more sensible to just clear the streets with martial law and a progression from tear gas and rubber bullets to live ammo for the hard core pillagers, just as should be done (in a perfect world) for anti-globalization anarchists if they were rioting.

Le Pen may sound sensible in the face of the current riots but I doubt that he would stop at exiling over violent crime only. He would have third generation immigrants expelled to countries they have never heard of for Internet file sharing if he got the chance. If France goes to a zero immigration policy it will vanish and the last twelve people in the country will still be unemployed. If France wants to solve its social problems it should solve its socialism problem. As long as companies can not do business in France or expand and contract their labour costs as the economy rises and falls, they will always have high unemployment which will affect the newest arrivals (those without good crony contacts in government) the most.

Is their any conclusive research being done that the jihadies represent a larger trend than secularization among the children of immigrants? Is it not possible that the rioters represent nothing more than gang bangers and that the sight of them screaming for jihad is scaring the shit (and possibly the faith) out of most Muslim youth?

I think that the message that should be sent is that if you are a criminal you go to jail. If you resist arrest you get shot. The message should not be sent that if you are a criminal and of French descent you do time in jail, if you are a criminal and of Arab descent you get deported to some country you have never seen to face God knows what. I do not see how the latter message would encourage those who do not commit crimes to feel part of France.

At least, those are my feelings on the matter.

Also, as far as nationality only going to those who want and respect it, does that mean that a person who does not embrace the concept of nationality should loose the rights that his nation bestows on all others? For instance, if an American says "I am a citizen of the world", can that be considered a waver of the right to be free of unreasonable search and seizer?

Just wondering.
PS You seem to have an interesting blog here from what I have read so far.

Kevin 11/12/2005 12:35:00 PM  


I never said that I agree with Le Pen, I just said he makes sense. It's refreshing to see a Frenchman willing to protect France. His ideas most likely aren't tenable though.

You asked: For instance, if an American says "I am a citizen of the world", can that be considered a waver of the right to be free of unreasonable search and seizer?

Probably not, but read your passport - you can lose your American citizenship by declaring your allegience to a foreign power among other things. When these third generation "Frenchmen" stand up and declare that they are not and never will be French and their allegience is not to France but to the nations and cultures of their parents and grandparents, would it not be fair for France to say: "We agree, you aren't French. We'll be taking that passport, thank you very much, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way to Algiers."

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