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Tuesday, November 1, 2005


On my drive home last night I happened to glance over at a gasoline price sign. Wow! It's dropped about 12 cents since I last filled up a couple of days ago. Then I thought back a few weeks and realized it's dropped about 60 cents since the beginning of October. So much for the $5.00 per gallon gas we heard the main stream media caterwauling about right after Katrina.

Then, I saw this article by Jay Bryant at TownHall.com [hat tip: Neal Boortz]. The MSM has been rather "hush hush" about the falling gas prices; I guess reporting on them would look too much like supporting President Bush. Remember, bad news for America is good news for the liberals. Jay also commented on something that I mentioned to Robbie from the Malcontent last night. BP commercials are almost indistinguishable from a Sierra Club public service announcement.

Whenever discussions about gasoline prices come up, I want to scream, "Don't you know what a price is?" A price is and always has been and always will be whatever you can get for what you're selling given the conditions of supply and demand. Just like when you sell your house.

And don't you just love the politicians ordering the oil companies to invest in more refining capacity? As if the companies didn't want to. As if it was THEIR fault we haven't built a new refinery in the U.S. since Gordon Liddy was a plumber.

If the politicians want more oil refineries built they don't have to pass any new laws, they just have to repeal about a thousand absurd laws already on the books that make it utterly impossible for an oil company or anybody else to build a refinery anywhere between Bar Harbor and Maui.


Then there's the matter of energy independence – the idea that the U.S. ought not to be dependent on foreign oil. The truth is, we don't have to be. We've got more than enough oil right here beneath the fruited plain to last the whole world for roughly a millennium. Most of it is in coal and shale deposits, and the story has always been that it's so costly to mine and process that it isn't economical to bother.

Well you know what? That's not even true any more.


According to one estimate, shale oil production could be viable at any price above $25 a barrel within a decade or so. (The current price is something like $60 a barrel.)


But perhaps the worst news of all is that the oil companies have apparently decided to play the self-defeating liberal game. Watch for their commercials. They're turning into left-wing eco-lessons. BP is the worst, but they're all doing it.


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