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Wednesday, November 9, 2005


As Robbie at the Malcontent points out, even when the Democrats win, they refuse to accept the results.

Read their ramblings at Democratic Underground here. Here are some samples:

Said Trumad at DU: Why didn't Diebold steal yesterday's elections? There's quite a few people who believe that Diebold has that power... Then what happened yesterday?

Said kenny blankenship: Diebold doesn't do the stealing they make theft possible with a keystroke. Elections officials have to do the stealing.

Said A Simple Game: Dems won everywhere, but what did they win? Not much, mostly maintained the status quo. You don't risk getting caught stealing small potatoes when there are large potatoes to be had next year.

Said Oxbow: somebody should take a closer look at the Ohio results. It's hard to believe that they all failed!
What fools those moonbats be.


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