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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

1 Dead, 6 Hurt In Toronto Street Shooting

Now how did this happen in the gun-controlled paradise of Canada?

U P D A T E : And here it comes, David Miller, the Mayor of Toronto pointing an accusing finger south, because it's always easier to blame the evil United States than deal with your own problems. From CNN:
"It's a sign that the lack of gun laws in the U.S. is allowing guns to flood across the border that are literally being used to kill people in the streets of Toronto," Miller said.

Miller said Toronto, a city of nearly three million, is still very safe compared to most American cities, but the illegal flow of weapons from the United States is causing the noticeable rise in gun violence.

"The U.S. is exporting its problem of violence to the streets of Toronto," he said.
While other more sensible Canucks had this to say:
John Thompson, a security analyst with the Toronto-based Mackenzie Institute, says the number of guns smuggled from the United States is a problem, but that Canada has a gang problem -- not a gun problem -- and that Canada should stop pointing the finger at the United States.

"It's a cop out. It's an easy way of looking at one symptom rather than addressing a whole disease," Thompson said.
O, Canada - deal with your own faults first, before you criticize other countries.


Anonymous 12/27/2005 11:38:00 AM  

I would venture a guess that the guns came from the states, considering Toronto is only about 1.5 hours from the border. Still, Toronto has a massively low homicide rate that is far lower than any US city. It has around 80 murders so far in 2005 in a city of 2.6 million, while Chicago, a city of 2.8 million, has had over 550.

sandalphon 12/27/2005 11:49:00 AM  

Banning handguns (already all-but-illegal) will not work. What may work is reviewing Canada's immigration policies. Specifically, before allowing males under the age of 40 to enter the country, do a thorough background check for criminal records, education and employment history, press reports from the applicant's home country--anything that may uncover a history of gang affiliation or violent crime. Our "let 'em all in" policy has clearly led to disaster.

Matty the Damned 12/27/2005 09:33:00 PM  

Oh Kevvy!

Don't tell me you're silly enough to support the "guns don't kill people, people kill people" shit?

Imagine how much Dylan and Eric COULDN'T have done at Columbine if they'd only had knives (or even better your blunt intellect) not high powered side arms.

Matty the Damned
(Who knows Kevin will NEVER publish this)

Kevin 12/27/2005 10:18:00 PM  

It's not the guns or the people Matty, it's the damn bullets.

Oh, and why do you keep saying I won't publish your comments when, against my better judgement, I've published every idiotic word you've ever posted here?

Grow up you freak.

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