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Monday, December 26, 2005

Bush Violates Terrorists' Nuclear Privacy

Once again the MSM is trying to create scandal where there is none. This time its U.S. News & World Report with its siren song that the Federal Government is now monitoring the air for radiation. Oh the horror! What a chilling effect that could have on home based nuclear research! What is a poor honest, working class American citizen supposed to do? How can he conduct nuclear experiments in his basement without the government snooping on him. Yeah right.

From Human Events Online:
Obviously, such warantless radiation monitoring creates a searing civil rights crisis for the average American, who now must live in fear, knowing that his private high-energy photon emissions, personal beta-particle broadcasts, or even his confidential radionuclide wafting could be subject to detection by the crass and intrusive thugs of the federal government.

I mean, when you don't have the right to leak radiation into the communal air from a clandestine nuclear bomb, what rights do you have really? Clearly, Bush is Hitler, but worse.
I'm just amazed at the risk the left-wing in this country is willing to take just to futher their own private agenda of Bush hatred. They are willing to risk the lives of millions of their fellow citizens all in the name of political gain.

Now, before anyone gets on the ol' high horse aboutracismm or discrimination against the Muslims amongst us. Let's consider a few facts courtesy of Magdi Khalil in the Intellectual Conservative.


Muslihoon 12/26/2005 02:46:00 PM  

Oh no! Surely the Constitution grants all people the right to privacy to horde nuclear weapons! This is unacceptable!

I'm very pleased with what the Government has been doing recently. I'd rather they do something than sit around, talk, conjecture, plan, and debate. Action will save us, words won't. It was the focus on words rather than actions that let the terrorists get away with 9/11, IMHO.

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