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Monday, January 30, 2006

Can't We At Least Remove Them From The Gene Pool?

Neal Boortz writes today, about rude people who have no concern for other people. They seemingly go out of their way to irritate and inconvenience their fellow citizens.
I saw something yesterday I just couldn't explain. It was yesterday afternoon and I was about three-quarters of the way through a five-mile walk. I was passing in front of the ESPN Zone in Atlanta's Buckhead entertainment district when I heard screaming and car horns. The problem was immediately obvious. At the exit from the restaurant .. a single-lane exit with walls on either side .. a car was stopped blocking the sidewalk and its nose into Peachtree Rd. The car was going nowhere. The two young women in the car were, I guess you would say, dancing in the front seat. They were just having a big ole time bobbing back and forth to their hip hop "music." Behind them were about four cars waiting to get out of the parking lot. They were beeping their horns, but none of the drivers of those cars were out of their cars yelling or even had their windows down. As I neared the driveway the two girls got out of their car and started dancing outside. They then started yelling at the cars that were waiting: Let's just say that the two women weren't being what you would call "racially sensitive." As I walked by I looked one of them in the eye with a less-than-pleasant expression. "What you lookin' at whitey?" I just turned and kept walking. For the rest of the walk I just wondered how these two women could possibly be such jerks.
Sadly, that is not a rare scene in the ATL. In fact, last night (or rather early this morning) I was startled awake by the soothing sounds of a hip-hop lullaby blaring at immeasurable decibels coming from a tricked out, over done sound system. My upstairs neighbor (who would probably enjoy dancing beside her car while blocking traffic) had arrived home with her bling-bling bedazzled posse from what I'm sure was a late night Church service. The awful sound kept blaring for almost 15 minutes. They were oblivious to the fact that they might be disturbing the entire building. At one point I almost went out to ask the driver to turn down the music, but visions of an urban encounter of the third kind flashed through my head and I decided against that course of action.

As Neal said, it isn't an isolated occurrence. The rudeness is everywhere, from loud sound systems, to rude driving, to ill mannered children running roughshod over their milquetoast parents in public places. You hope it will get better, but unfortunately, short of vigilante justice there's no real way to stop them.


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