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Sunday, February 19, 2006

You Either Get It, Or You Don't

There is no middle ground in the war between Western Civilization and Islamism. Some people get that, and some don't. The people that "don't get it" are for the most part sincere believers in peace and the idea of live and let live. I don't question their sincerity or their patriotism; but I do question their sanity.

The Rocky Mountain News is one of the few American papers that has been brave enough to publish one or more of the "offensive" Mohammed cartoons as well as some other not so complimentary depictions of other religions. The editor of that paper, John Temple, gets it.

Oh and for all the people who've told me that I wouldn't like it if someone published a cartoon about Christians in general or Baptists in particular, here's a knee-slapper that also appeared in the Rocky Mountain News. Do I agree with it? Not really. Do I think it's funny? Hell yes! Will I be heading out later today to protest or burn something because of a cartoon? No. Do I still think Muslims should grow up and get over it? Yes.



Lori Heine 2/19/2006 02:36:00 PM  

I especially fail to understand the Islamo-nitwit's abuse of Ronald McDonald. Do they really imagine they're striking terror into American hearts?

Somebody needs to tell these fools that we're laughing at them.

Though of course, you're right -- not everybody in America has the sense to see the lunacy in all of this. Some of my own, good-hearted and well-intentioned friends looked at me reproachfully when I cracked my joke today about the fatwa on Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders. How dare I be so politically-incorrect as to embarrass these people?

These people embarrassed themselves. And unless at least a few Americans have the gumption to point that out to them, none of them will ever own up to it.

Shawmut 2/21/2006 11:30:00 AM  

Maybe a cartoon of Cindy Sheehan at MacDonalds lifting a burgher underneath her burkha to eat would get a message across.
We could add "Taliban Johnny" Walker in one of the kiddie-gimicks they tout.
That way we could keep up the theme of "American Motherhood" and that we care about "the children".

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