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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Canadian Teenager Faces US 'War On Terror' Tribunal

The headline is just a tad misleading. We're not talking about "Jim Smith" the red blooded Canadian teenage boy next door.

From Breitbart/AFP:
A Canadian-born teenager accused of planting bombs for Al-Qaeda and killing a US soldier in Afghanistan faced a US military tribunal in Guantanamo as defense lawyers raised fresh concerns about the fairness of the proceedings.

Omar Ahmed Khadr was captured in Afghanistan by US forces in July 2002, when he was 15, and his lawyers say he is too young to be charged with war crimes.
The "teenager" is now 19 years old, and not coincidentally, comes from a family with strong ties to al-Qaeda. If you can plant bombs to kill soldiers at the tender age of 15, you can face the consequences of those actions.

Omar might have been born in Canada, but we know where his heart and loyalty lie. It is disingenuous to treat him as a normal, every day kid caught up in the mean old USA's war on terror.


Shawmut 4/05/2006 03:50:00 PM  

Fifteen or nineteen, it's not at though this kid gave a false ID to get into a rock concert. He knew what he was doing, he gave full consent of his will, he knew his actions would do harm and he put himself in 'occasion' to participate. (That may sound like, and actually is, paraphrasing the old "Baltimore Catechism', but it has stood as a means for one to be responsible for one actions for a long time over many cultures.)
If we are supposed to look at him as a fellow 'Peter-Prep' alumnus of the same school as "Taliban Johnny" Walker, then lock him up.
Come to think of it, send the board and room charges to Canada.

Anonymous 4/08/2006 08:57:00 AM  

Canadian teennager. Ridiculous why not say his star sign. He's not doing what he's doing coz he's rebelling against his parents or his sign of the zodiac. He's doing it coz of his religion. A religion which is nit named in the article.

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