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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jimmy Carter's Loose Lips

Jimmy Carter has been quite vocal in his opposition to President Bush, especially in the foreign policy realm. It's quite laughable given Carter's miserable foreign policy record. Recently, Jimmy the Dhimmi insulted and rebuked Prime Minister Tony Blair for his "compliance and subservience" to George Bush. In all fairness, Carter is an expert in compliance and subservience given his propensity to bow and grovel before terrorists, madmen and tin-pot dictators.

I wrote a post telling Prime Minister Blair to consider the source of the criticism, and to remember that most Americans remember Carter only as a hapless fool of a President. Today, David Limbaugh weighs in asking why Carter gets a pass for "
constantly contributing to America's negative image by telling the world how bad we are?" Good question. What good does Carter think will come from coddling our enemies and alienating our allies? He's either stupid or malicious, or worst of all - both.

I think it's time for Carter to follow in the tradition of other ex-President's and sit down and shut up. Go golfing. Go fishing. Go wabbit huntin' - but by all means just go!


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