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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The Dems ARE Weak On National Security

The next time a liberal like Harry Reid gets in your face telling you Democrats can handle national security better than Bu$hCo, do as Neal Boortz suggests and remind them of the last time a Democrat held the reigns on national defense:
...whenever Democrats try to bring up this idea that we're so vulnerable national security-wise under the Bush Administration, the media never holds them accountable for what they did the last time they had the reins. It wasn't that long ago that Bill Clinton was President of the United States (even though some of us may be trying to forget.) Let's take a peek at the record, shall we?

It was during the Clinton Administration that we experienced attack and after attack by Islamic terrorists...and nothing was done about it. The first World Trade Center bombing? Nothing. The debacle in Somalia? No response. The bombing of our African embassies? Zero action. Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia? The Democrats did nothing. All the while, Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were emboldened....propped up by our appeasement strategy. During the 8 years of the Clinton Administration, Islamic terrorists plotted and planned their greatest attack: September 11th. And so they pulled it off.

And it was the policies and procedures of the Clinton Administration that benefited the 9/11 hijackers, right up until the end. They could have been caught, but "the wall" put into place during Jamie Gorelick's tenure at the Department of Justice prevented the sharing of intelligence across agencies. And yet she was put on the 9/11 Commission.
Remember, even though one could happen today, there haven't been any major terrorist attacks on the homeland since Nine-Eleven. Truth hurts, doesn't it Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Kerry, Biden, and Murtha?


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