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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Cindy Sheehan: Still Off Her Effing Rocker...

Some quotes from an interview Cindy Sheehan gave to the Waco Tribune Herald, just because it makes me smile:
On Hugo Chavez: The reason President Chavez is the way he is, is because the CIA orchestrated a coup against him. The United States has always been very meddlesome in South American politics.

On The President Fulfilling His Term And Her Move To Crawford:
I hope he’s not in office till 2009, but this (anti-war presence in Crawford) is permanent. We’re going to start building a permanent structure soon. This may sound weird, but I’m going to live here. My residence is going to be a tree house. We’ve got some plans for amazing tree houses! [ed. note: yes, she said "treehouse"]

On "Recuperating" With Willie Nelson:
I was actually at his house in Abbott right after I got out of the hospital the first time, and then this week we spent some time at his house in Austin. He’s great. He’s an amazing and supportive person, and his wife is closer to my age so we have a lot of fun together. She was out here for a few days. [ed. note: hanging out with Willie Nelson, toking talking about life the universe and everything. That might explain the treehouse idea...]
For the love of God, how long is the left going to allow this woman to keep embarrassing herself and them? Haven't they used her up yet? Good grief.


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