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Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Don't Really Mean Nuthin' For Nobody...

Everyone just needs to chill! Iowa is a small kitten whose meow sounds like a lion’s roar because it comes first in this wacky candidate selection process. I think Iowa is holding the 2012 caucus next week aren’t they?

For the Democrats in Iowa, “uncommitted” has won twice and come in second once since 1972! For the Republicans the only winners in Iowa since 1976 who’ve gone on to the Oval Office were incumbent Presidents running unopposed in the caucus and W. in 2000. Iowa is “first” but it’s hardly the “final” word for either party. It’s not even that good at predicting the November winner.

Regarding Obama, there’s just not much “there” there. He certainly has the charm, warmth and charisma, but then we’re comparing him to Hillary Clinton and John Edwards! Is O. a leader? Who knows? He has less executive experience than Jimmy “Dhimmi” Carter. I can see him making “nice-nice” in the foreign policy sandbox, but I can’t see him wielding our power in an effective way. As for domestic issues, you could get the same tired old socialism from Hillary; and at least she’d use our military power if she needed too.


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