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Saturday, June 14, 2008

What He Said

From V the K in a comment over at Gay Patriot on why he can't support McCain:

1. I can’t support someone for president who refers to free speech as a “so-called first amendment right,” that he arbitrarily tosses aside for the sake of politics.

2. I can’t forgive the fact that he tossed good conservative judges under the bus for the sake of preserving an elitist senate privilege (Gang of 14.)

3. Amnesty, and the way he lied about the McCain-Kennedy bill, tried to sneak it past the American people in the dead of night, and nastily attacked those who demanded real border security.

4. The fact that he would rather Americans die than pour water up a terrorist’s nose for thirty seconds.

5. His sneering attitude toward capitalism, as evidenced by his talk about “obscene profits,” and his snotty “I led for patriotism no profits” attack on Mitt Romney in the primaries.

6. His determination to keep America dependent on foreign oil by blocking exploration of the mosquito-infested hellhole that is ANWR. Because even though he claims Americans are smart enough to develop magical alternative fuels, he doesn’t believe we’re smart enough to tap ANWR without harming the environment, and he’s too stubborn and too stupid to admit he’s wrong.

7. His willingness to destroy the American economy for the sake of fighting the phantom menace of ManBearPig.

8. His opposition to the Bush tax cuts, siding with Democrats against the Bush tax cuts. What was that? Was that petty political revenge for losing in 2000? If it was principled opposition, why the Election Year conversion? And why does he now say it was about spending, which is totally different than the rationale he gave at the time.

9. The New York Times endorsed him.

10. A general perception that McCain is a consummate Beltway insider and self-righteous prick without a single freakin’ clue about the concerns of the average American.


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