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Monday, October 24, 2005


Reader Jamal responded to my post on the racist, genocide advocating Dr. Kamau Kambon of North Carolina State University.

Jamal said:
Propogating the “Final Solution”, his words are extreme, but Kambon does however make some interesting points. Lets not forget that similar views to Kambon’s also exist amongst those he condemns. Many White Supremist, Right-Wing and other groups argue similar points, but receive much less publicity. There is state sponsored genocide and segration evident in places such as Iraq, Sudan and Palestine, while blacks are concentrated in the countless inner-city slums of the West.

Kambon is gravely wrong to generalise an entire race in this manner, but lets not pretend there are not prevalent groups throughout the world and issues particularly in Africa, which evidence the “international plantation” for blacks and that; “You’re either supporting .. people in their process of death, or you’re for African liberation.” What Kambon conveniently ignores is that there are black “plantation masters” also!
I responded to Jamal's comment with one of my, but I felt like I needed to give it a separate post as well. I was very disappointed that Jamal felt the need to defend Kambon. He could not bring himself to flat out criticize Kambon without also including a defense of his "ideas."

My response: The only points Kambon makes are racist and genocidal; not interesting. Is there a particular reason you [Jamal] wants to try and defend this man?

Quite frankly, my post was meant to focus solely on Kambon's racist hate, not anyone else's. I'm fully aware that this type of insanity isn't limited to one race or culture. However, I think our media, and academia, does a bang-up job of pointing out the white supremacist factions. They've got that down-pat. What they're not so good at is reporting on people like Kambon. Black racism is more often than not given a "pass."

Kambon should have to stand in the public square and face criticism like everyone else, without being allowed to hide behind the "straw-man" argument that because "whitey" does it then one can't criticize him for expressing similar stupidity.


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