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Thursday, May 15, 2008

He Shoots, He Misses

Apparently McCain's vision speech is going over like a lead balloon. Couple that with his slap in the face to the North Carolina GOP, and his imitation of Al Gore on global warming and you've got anything but a calm and unified conservative base:

There's me (of course) who finds it uninspiring unless you're a Obama supporter: Get it? Senator F. U. doesn't care about you. Never has. The GOP was a means to an end for him to get his way and live out his "Teddy Roosevelt" fantasy. I've told you that McCain would put a knife in our backs and he's moving ahead of schedule. If I were you I wouldn't hold my breath for those Scalia/Thomas/Robertson Supreme Court clones.

Michelle Malkin: McCain’s problem is that he has allied himself, for the unprincipled, empty cause of mindless “bipartisanship,” with people and causes that move our country in the wrong direction.

I don’t want a Republican presidential nominee who makes common cause with La Raza/The Race.

I don’t want a Republican presidential nominee who sneers about profits like Ralph Nader.

I don’t want a Republican presidential nominee who talks and walks like Al Gore.

Right Truth: I cannot express how angry and insulted I am at McCain's remarks. I had decided just last week to suck it up and vote for John McCain, rather than voting "none of the above", or writing in a name just to send a message to the RNC. But after this ...

Right Truth: The 2013 McCain speech is over and the results are in: I was reminded of Larry the Cable Guy's skit "I believe ...." "I believe ... by January 2013 ... everything's coming up roses for you and for meeeeeee!!!!!!"

Well, that's what McCain wants us to believe, but I'm not sold.

Dr. Melissa Clouthier: Over the past six years the Republican leadership, including the smug John McCain, ducked from fights and chose solutions like reaching across the aisle for "compromise". Compromise meant spending like a Democrat just not spending quite as much. Americans don't want two versions of Democrats when it comes to THEIR money. They want a choice. Well, for the past six years, Republicans and fiscally conservative Democrats have watched in helpless outrage as the Republicans treated the electorate the exact same way the Democrats treated them--with contempt.

These Congress people get wealthy while in office and blithely bankrupt the country. They have no problem spending your hard earned dough, a couple times over. And the Republicans did nothing to stop the madness. They encouraged it along. Did they think they will not pay a price for their gluttony at the public trough? They will pay one.

And come Fall, the country will pay because the irony is this: Americans figure, if they're going to get Democrat policy might as well elect Democrats and see if they can do it better. There will be even more spending and more taxes. Thanks Republicans!

Russ from Winterset over at Ace of Spades asks: Senator McCain, just one question before you go: ARE YOU ON CRACK? I heard excerpts from McCain's speech on Rush today, and I'm done. I've been trying to polish this turd since McAmnesty won the nomination, but it's still a disgusting piece of shit, and I'm through. Don't get me wrong, I'll still go vote against Obama on Election Day, but even if we do keep Chocolate Jesus from the presidency, America is still going to get the presidential equivalent of a prison colonoscopy over the next four years.

Hyscience: McCain's present positions centering around trying to out Obama Obama - as evidenced in his speech today, are a significant turn-off for independents and conservatives alike. Apparently, he doesn't get it - he's not running for the Democratic primary.

Right View from the Left Coast: Now, the problem about the approach Sen. "F--- You" McCain takes is that he buys into the Al Gore view that the planet has 50 years or less left unless we "do something".
Also, it has been on the blogosphere that some of what influences Sen. "F--- You" McCain's "thinking" on globaloney warming is the influence of his daughter, 24 year-old Meagan McCain.
Now, she may be a nice young lady, but I do not think a recent college graduate with little real world experience should have such an influence on an issue such as this. [...]

No, Sen. "F--- You" McCain would be better served by talking more about issues that resonate with the Republican party that made him the nominee. He needs to address the globaloney warming not as a cult ringleader but a skeptic that is open to the possibility that science will go either way and until there is overwhelming evidence, there is really not much that can be done.
Please Sen. "F--- You" McCain, move on to something that actually resonates with voters. Like the economy and what a smaller government means for the average American. Get out of the cult.

The Other Side of Kim: We should probably consider ourselves lucky, because McCain is giving us a taste of what’s going to happen when he gets to the White House. This, in other words, is what is in store for us conservatives: daily disappointments, frequent betrayals, and constant regret for having voted for him.

This is what we get for letting the perfect be the enemy of the good; for wasting primary votes on nutcases like Ron Paul, RINOs like Mitt Romney, or no-hopers like Fred Thompson.

McCain is going to screw us, every single chance he gets, as long as what he does makes him popular with the Press, or with “centrist” Democrats like Joe Lieberman, or with “moderate” Republicans like Olympia Snowe, or with “popular” figures like Ted Kennedy and Arianna Huffington, or with international bodies like the United Nations.

And occasionally, he’s going to screw us just because he hates conservatives, and because he can, and because he knows that as bad as he is, Obama would be orders of magnitude worse.

And finally, there are these guys: No Way McCain! Yes, I signed their petition.


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